AirDisk Lab Usage Notice and Agreement
Welcome to use AirDisk Lab!
       AirDisk Labs is provided by Shenzhen Damai Technology Co., Ltd. Through the use of AirDisk Lab (hereinafter referred to as "the product") users can experience the experimental functions of AirDisk software being tested in advance.
       Before using this product, please be sure to read and fully understand the terms of this statement, unless the user has read and accept all terms, do not enter or use AirDisk lab. By actually entering or using this product, you have fully read, understood and accepted the entire contents of this statement.

Users who use this product must comply with the following terms of this statement:
       By using this product, you can experience AirDisk's experimental features and corresponding services; there may be certain risks in using this product, including but not limited to: Due to technical defects and defects, it may directly or indirectly affect users' normal use of AirDisk software and services, and may result in users Some or all data of the terminal device or the original AirDisk software client is lost and cannot be retrieved, AirDisk terminates or suspends the provision of this product, etc. Before using this product, make a backup of the data on the terminal device and the original AirDisk software client.
       We do not promise that all or part of the functionality and services of this product will inevitably become a fixed feature of AirDisk; we have the right to terminate or discontinue the provision of this product to the user at any time or to release all or part of the experimental functionality of this product. We do not The termination or suspension of this product, and the release of some or all of the experimental features of the product from the product, or failure to appear in the official version of AirDisk, will result in any unavailability of the part or loss of data.
      Some functions in this product will be automatically turned on or off by default as needed. The user can turn itself off or enable on the corresponding interface.
      We will adopt appropriate technical measures to protect the user's terminal device information in a reasonable and prudent manner in accordance with industry standards. However, the user knows and agrees that we cannot provide complete assurance on this. Users also agree that in no event shall we be liable for any loss of data, damage to terminal equipment, direct or indirect economic losses, and other damages resulting from the use of this product by users.

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