File share
Select the file you want to share, send a link to your friend by creating a share link, and your friend will be able to access the files on your AirDisk device.
Terms and Conditions:
  1. Each account has 10GB of free shared download traffic per month (for example: I have shared files to friends, friends can download the files I share, but the total downloads of all friends of these files must not exceed 10GB; if they have exceeded 10GB, friends will not be able to download or browse online). Reset automatically at the beginning of each month.
2. Each account, a total of at most 30 share links can be created on all of its AirDisk devices. When you have created 30 links, you will no longer be able to create it; you can then undo some links in "My Sharing" to continue sharing.
3. When the link is shared, it will expire:
  (1) The validity period has been exceeded;
  (2) The link was reported by others due to illegal content or other reasons;
  (3) The original file does not exist or has been deleted; or has been moved to an invisible place (for example, the shared file has been moved to the user's hidden space, etc.);
  (4) The link has been actively revoked by the sharer;
  (5) If the user has untied the AirDisk device, the files he shares on the device will become invalid.
4.Users who upload, publish, transmit or otherwise disseminate content using the network service provided by AirDisk shall not contain any information that violates the laws, regulations and policies of the local country.