Airdisk-s6 LAN binding device description
AirDisk-S6 LAN binding device specification.
1.First,please make sure that the S6 equipment has the hard disk installed, the power is switched on and connected to the network cable;
2.The mobile phone installs the app "DM cloud disk NAS" and connects to the same LAN WiFi as the S6.
3.Mobile phone open APP → Register account login → Add device → Next step → Next step → Click “Manually enter the bonding code” → LAN bind → (Confirm that the phone and device are in the same LAN) Next → Please select the device (such as AirDisk_147B) → Bind the device, access the device, and access the device the next time you access the direct login account.
If you installed a new hard disk on your S6 device, you need to initialize it after the "Please select device" step.

Graphic description:
1, the mobile phone has installed APP "DM cloud disk NAS", mobile phone and S6 in the same LAN.
2, Open the APP, login account (unregistered account's first registered account)

3.Select "Add device"


5.Select "Manually enter the country code"

6. Select "LAN binding"

7.Next, select the device, such as "AirDisk_S6_XXXX"

8. Complete the binding, start using.